Life Safety Systems, Inc. (LSS, Inc.) provides comprehensive physical security services designed to protect facilities and personnel including:

  • Architecture and design of comprehensive physical security environments
  • Integration of physical access products into system environments including CCTV, life safety systems, control centers, turnstiles, door readers, bollards, guard centers, etc.
  • Implementation of physical access controls and devices by experienced and certified technicians
  • Certification and accreditation of systems according to all applicable federal and state mandates
  • Support and maintenance of nearly any physical security device or system
  • Full HSPD-12 integration--including design, implementation and support of complex PACS systems with full PIV-card integration

LSS, Inc.’s leadership and expertise of industry standards and best-of breed technology provides the ability to support virtually any customer environment from small-scale private industry to large-scale government implementations.

Professional Services


LSS, Inc.’s experts provide full design expertise for your fire protection, physical / logical access control, electronic security, and information technology systems. LSS, Inc. will ensure that all systems provide the maximum amount of protection, meet all relevant codes and regulations, and maximize value to your organization. We are adept with the full-lifecycle of system implementation from initial design to installation of hardware and software solutions, and will leverage this expertise to best meet your environment.


LSS, Inc.’s installation team tackles projects ranging from small mixed use apartment buildings to large multi-building networked campuses. Our project managers, technicians, and field crews focus on continual education and customer satisfaction - providing clients with the assurance that their project meets code compliance, operates within budget, and is completed on time.


An assigned service manager will serve as your central point-of-contact providing customized personal solutions to best address your environment. We offer full maintenance programs to ensure continuity of vital systems and operations long after design and implementation to maximize the value and extend the life of your products.

Testing & Inspection

LSS, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to complete required routine maintenance and inspections for our client’s Fire and Life Safety systems. This technology allows us to provide complete on-site inspection reports customized to your organization, provide instantaneous updates on the current status of the system, and quickly address any deficiencies. We will ensure that all systems are fully compliant with any applicable laws and regulations maximizing safety to your tenants and organization.


LSS, Inc. provides 24/7 UL-listed Redundant Monitoring services across the United States. We leverage best of breed technology including VOIP to ensure continuity of services. Other services include: Central station and remote video monitoring, emergency communication and access control remote management.