Life Safety Systems, Inc. obtains Prince George's County Fire Alarm Third Party Plan Reviewer certification

Excerpt from Prince George's County website:

Prince George's County Third Party Review Program

"Beginning January 2016, Fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarm Systems MUST go through the Third Party Review/Approval Process. The Third Party Review Program (TPRP) provides a quality assurance plan that reviews the process for ensuring the agency will perform contracted plan review, report non-conforming items to the attention of the owner/designer, and provide timely reports for each review or re-review, and submit a final signed report to DPIE.

Prince George’s County mandates a Third Party Plan Review Program for the review and approval of Fire Protection Systems through the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE). This program requires owners and applicants to select a DPIE-authorized Third Party Plan Review Agency (TPPRA) at their own cost to review and approve shop drawings of Fire Protection Systems in lieu of County staff. TPPRAs must be retained for Fire Protection Systems Review on all residential and commercial building projects. Shop drawings approved by the authorized TPPRA for Fire Protection Systems will be accepted by DPIE for permit issuance after paying all applicable permit fees."

More information can be found here.